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Reginald Sea Breeze Diabolical Demon

I put a hit out on this bird years ago and the only attempts made on his life were carried out by cats. Don’t be fooled by its tiny brain and lifeless eyes, Reginald is a cunning beast bent on the destruction of its roommates. My life is cursed everywhere I go since this thing…


I’m not play pretending any feeling of shock or offense at this Presidents words about anything. It’s been pretty constant for what feels like, oh that time he said, President Obama wasn’t an American. We know who this guy is and how he talks. What I’m pissed about is Senators coming out of that meeting…

Playing Lawrence Oates 1/16/2018 6 degrees Fahrenheit

One of the prettiest places in the Kansas City metro is down this old road that disappears into Lake Jacomo at Flemming Park. It’s a nice place to catch the sun setting over the water if you hurry. Which I don’t. The bluffs drop straight down to the…….what the fuck is this?! It looks like…

4 minutes left of MLK day

If you want to support civil rights, shop smart and don’t buy from prison labor. American corporations send jobs to private prisons, where prisoners work for slave wages. Huge companies like Nike and Victoria’s Secret do this. So google before you shop. Don’t support slavery and laws that target those living in poverty and minorities.

Plaque Fighting Ka-Bar… FAKE NEWS!

Spending too much time inside with too much exposure to Trump culture. No collusion! The press said it was the best meeting they’d ever witnessed. I probably have a great relationship with [insert dictators name]. FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS