Militarized Christians Scare Me

There’s a large movement in this country to prepare for some hypothetical impending doom. That’s fine and might be an o.k. hobby and all, except it’s largely faith based and prejudice. Many participants in this way of life look at everyone with different beliefs or those in a different socioeconomic class as the enemy. They refer to the unprepared as the “golden horde” after the Mongolian Empire. They have stockpiled weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo to defend their homes and food stocks against this golden horde of Communists, Muslims, welfare recipients, minorities, etc.

It’s a free country and they have the right to hate and fear those that are different, but people need to know that this culture exists. They are very serious about their beliefs and have a skewed misinformed knowledge of the Bible.

This extremist way of believing in the Bible is what scares me. Extremism in religion often leads to violence and or fascism. When a group can put blame on a certain people for a countries hardships they can create an atmosphere of such hatred that ordinary logical people will turn against the accused peoples. It’s happened in this country before and in Missouri in the last century with the white washing of the Ozarks.

I don’t know how they can turn the teaching of Jesus into violent acts but they manage it. Violence against Jews, blacks, gays, and communists have been carried out by individuals and groups in the past and this new group of faith based patriots preparing to defend their way of life has too many similarities to those in the past.

Fortunately these groups are seen for what they are and this countries hardships are not great and mostly imaginary. However, these groups are still out there preparing and obsessing about these imagined hardships and the people that create them. As a liberal I am on that list.


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