Why the woods?

Every one should at some point in their lives go deep into the woods, as deep as you can and just listen and watch, enjoy and learn. The woods are one encompassing connection of life and if you can find a nice cozy spot or even a hard cold rock on an Ozark hillside you get to be a part of that connection. The ground will move around you as insects move about, Small creatures will be curious and come to meet you, birds will sing and land near you.

If you can spend the night and test yourself and be witness to even more life the better. The longer you stay the more you learn to accept your strengths and weaknesses. You learn that every thing you do is harder and therefore more rewarding. If you watch your fire burn down to coals before you cook on it after expending energy and time to catch your food and build that fire, the food tastes so much better. Everything you do in the woods is better because you do it yourself. As you eat your reward you can be entertained by bats working for theirs and listen to insects and frogs making their own music. You can watch a creek as your own aquarium, the trees as your own aviary. If you relax too much though and become inattentive you’ll find how vulnerable you are in this world. All your actions matter when you rely on yourself. The woods have an answer to everything though if you learn from it with respect. With effort and knowledge you can be part of and a student of the woods.

Why the woods? Because it’s there for you. It’s there for you to enjoy, share, learn, and be a human being.


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