Beacon of Freedom

As Americans we should be proud of our history as a beacon of freedom and democracy. Our way of life is the great experiment and after enormous obstacles that we’ve conquered like slavery, women’s suffrage, and civil rights, we are now more than ever able to be that beacon. At this time in the world however our image is damaged by our infatuation with wealth and celebrities, our actions and lack of in the middle east, and the underlying racism towards minorities and the poor.

There’s an opportunity right now however to repair our image in the world and perform a noble cause that justifies our pride in America. That opportunity is in the territory held by ISIS. You can’t turn on the news without hearing stories of a beheading, mutilations, the destruction of art and ancient artifacts, homosexuals being thrown off buildings and even bold moves against U.S. air bases. We have the capability more than anyone else to correct this wrong that we are partly at fault for creating, for we did create an atmosphere of war that these criminals are flourishing in.

The American people only have to inform themselves of the atrocities in Syria and Iraq and ask that the most powerful military in history intervene even on a small scale. We did nothing in Rwanda, or Cambodia, or Sudan and that will be on the conscience of America for the next generation that looks back on our actions. Defeating ISIS is just as important as the defeat of Nazism or of the Kim regime of North Korea. Germany and South Korea are free Democratic nations because of Americas willingness to fight for what’s morally right at a great sacrifice to themselves. The people living under ISIS brutality need our help before it’s too late and that sick radical way of thinking becomes ingrained in their culture through violence and fear.

We only have to take a break from celebrity news and shopping long enough to make our collective opinion matter. If we can influence policy on pipelines, gay rights, and Marijuana then our views on foreign policy should be just as powerful. They are literally throwing men from roof tops for being homosexuals in Syria. If that doesn’t draw your attention away from your I phone and reality t.v., then you are not an American that deserves to be held in the same regards as those that have sacrificed in the past for freedom and democracy. The innocent people caught in that conflict are fighting for the lives of their families and the right to exist.


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