Take Some Pictures

You can tell people about how great the outdoors are all day, but unless you’re a Teddy Roosevelt or an Ernest Hemingway people might not be so inspired by your words. That’s why you should carry a camera and take some pictures that will say a thousand words for you. I started taking a camera with me on my bike rides last year and then on my hikes. I didn’t spend much, just 30 dollars at a pawn shop on a 12 mega pixel Kodak, and I just read a few books so I new a little about photography. To be honest it came pretty easy for me, Sally Mann said something about photographing what you love and know and I love and know the outdoors, so I get an advantage there. Everyone who spends time outdoors should take a pic every once in a while just to share later on with friends, to reminisce in old age and to preserve for history. I wish all those pioneers leaving Missouri had a Kodak on their slow trek West, and maybe in a hundred years people can see what Missouri looked like from my photographs and they’ll be inspired to visit and explore their wild spaces. Here’s a few of my favorite pictures I’ve taken recently and maybe you’ll want to visit some wild places near you and take your own to share.1956780_10202909044380323_690765949457988018_ocamera pics 2015 073171081052


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