My Rant For Rant Awareness.

I keep hearing awareness stories for autism and breast cancer and everything else, and I’m not sure what to do with that awareness. Then I go to the store and see people wearing awareness swag buying grocery carts full of soda and junk food and they get in these large vehicles that they drive to an over sized house full of crap they bought. Americans have created an environment for themselves that makes them sick and instead of changing their life styles to a more eco-friendly way. They walk around with plastic bracelets and ugly t shirts and just tell people to be aware that their family member is autistic or that they survived an illness brought on by the American life style. I never hear a solution from them to prevent the problem. They’ve made their bed and they are happy to sleep in it with complete awareness of their dilemma.

Maybe the American public doesn’t watch the same documentaries or read the same articles as me though, so they’re not aware of the consequences of living in their world they created. Maybe they do know and can’t pull themselves away from the sweet tastes and neat stuff that motivates them to keep going. The idea of people abruptly stopping the use of all plastic food containers, not driving gas guzzlers, not buying foods with palm oil, or not using plastic grocery bags is quite laughable. I actually feel like writing this is just a waste of time to pass the day. There’s so many people in the world and we rely so much on oil products and farming that destroys forests and oceans that there’s no realistic solution. We do let people starve and live in landfills and those people don’t really contribute to over consumerism. Those are people somewhere else though, they live across town and in other countries on different continents. The idea of people in our own communities cutting back though just isn’t plausible. I like Cheez-its with palm oil too much to worry about Orangutans. My neighbors need those BPA plastic pop bottles that may contribute to breast cancer. That soccer mom needs that Tahoe to keep her daughter safe on the commute to soccer practice and on her own two hours of daily commute. That’s just the way we live. We are aware of it, we just ignore it for convenience.

If we are aware and we’ve accepted the consequences of extinct species, unexplainable disorders and diseases and deforestation then maybe we can toss the plastic awareness bracelets into the ocean and just lay back next to a nice tire fire on the beach and drink our beers before we chuck those into the ocean to.

Actually fuck that and everyone else who throws there shit on the ground or drives gas guzzlers or lets their plastic bags end up in trees where I hike. I can’t do a damn thing to change the world, however I will never stop being pissed off about all the fuckers who are aware and don’t care. When I see people at the grocery store buying shit that makes them sick, I’ll just shake my head and swallow my hatred for what they and millions of others are doing to make us all sick. Just know that I am aware and not at all happy about any of it.


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