The Angry Orangutan

There once was a man in America who loved drinking Pepsi and watching movies.

One night he was watching The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

He thought of the Orangutan at the zoo and the sign about palm oil use that he ignored.

Just Then there was a pounding on the door that shook the house.

He turned off the t.v. and the lights and stood very quietly.

It was very quiet and very dark when the house rattled and the door was broken down with a bang.

Out of the moonlight loomed an enormous and very angry Orangutan.

The Orangutan hovered over the frightened man a moment for dramatic effect and then spoke.

The Ape introduced himself to the quivering man. His name was Jeff and he was from the zoo.

He explained that he sat in his exhibit all day watching people ignore the sign about palm oil and instead threw peanuts and made funny faces.

He was angry about the people not learning about his home and tearing down his old forest for their convenience and profit.

Jeff had been watching The Planet of the Apes over the shoulder of his keeper when he decided to take action.

He decided that he would tear that sign about palm oil off the wall and march to everyone’s home that had ignored it.

The zoo keeper was a logical college student and mapped out a route for him on the bus line.

All that night he traveled the city and broke down doors and terrified and educated unsuspecting zoo patrons of the harm they were doing to the planet.

Nothing gets a point across better than a night time visit from an angry orangutan.

The people were made aware of deforestation and starving animals and even the exploited people in undeveloped countries.

People started researching their snack food and soda and their household products.

They started buying responsibly and always thought of the angry Orangutan that broke down their door on a dark night.

Jeff was quite pleased. He heard good news from his family in Borneo about the jungle growing back and the zoo even built him a new and much bigger home.

He had his signs framed in neon lights and powered with solar panels.

He lived happily ever after knowing he made a difference by taking action and educating people about their mistakes.

He was no longer angry.


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