Underlying Darkness

Underneath the surface of those wild flowers and leaf buds a darker world sometimes exists. A world unseen by the Earths billions, it’s always hungry and very dangerous. It’s weakness is jealousy. It sees the rays of sun beaming through early morning dew. It sees the newborn animals overcome the struggles of birth. It hears the robins sing and dance through the leaves in their search for worms. It’s jealous of this yearly rebirth and it wants to impose it’s darkness on the world. It creeps into your subconscious when your guard is down. It’s the dirt under your fingernails. It’s in your blurry eyes after staring at your computer. It’s in the noises coming from your television. It’s in your cigarette smoke and the preservatives you ingest. It’s jealous of any good you bring into the world and wants to destroy you from the inside. It will make you feel hate and envy towards people you never met. It will make you want things you’ll never need. It will make you consume poisons that make you sick. It will make you think you enjoy it and want more. It will never give up and it will always be there under your feet. It will always be conspiring and being jealous every time it sees good in the world.





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