Sustainability blah blah blah

There was a sustainability festival in Kansas City over the weekend put on by Chipotle. At this festival there were booths that talked about sustainable farming and how wonderful it is that Chipotle supports this movement and buys its products. There were also many booths for the micro beer connoisseurs and their beards. It appeared to me that most of the people there were just wanting free food and were not sincere or interested in the pursuit of feeding the masses with minimal harm to the environment. I also find Chipotle’s practice of buying factory farmed meats and produce when small farmers can’t keep up with the burrito craze hypocritical. Feeding mass quantities of any food to long lines of people sends a mixed message. It says be kind to the planet until it’s inconvenient to profits and you’re hungry enough for something you don’t really need not to care.

The message I see is that the few consume too much and there’s so many that get too little as a result. Chipotle and other restaurants that serve large portions for “affordable” prices will never be part of the solution. Tell a hungry kid from a poor family that 8 bucks for a burrito is cheap. The middle and upper classes of America are by far the largest consumers of the world and their suburbs is where you’ll find most Chipotle’s. It’s my usual “liberal” opinion that people with money are too greedy and fat and that’s there’s simply far too many people to feed. This is a problem without a realistic solution outside of a natural catastrophe on a global scale. So, enjoy your burrito but be thankful at the same time that you’re not a poor hungry person in a part of the world effected by corporate farming, climate change, or overpopulation.


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