The Earths House Rules

The planet is our home and like most homes it has house rules. These rules are spelled out in treaties, regulations, customs and cultures, and many other ways. One of the most important rules in my house growing up was unspoken. There was never any need to write it down or discuss it because my mom was hoping she hadn’t given birth to lunatics. That rule was not to kill the pets. I’m a little crazy so I have thought about killing a cat after it pooped all over or maybe a certain bird that I loathe. I did grow up to be a hunter and when I was younger I was reckless in that pursuit. I learned that some people had a great deal of passion towards the animals I had shot though. Out of respect to them and their understandable view that these animals are almost like pets I curbed my enthusiasm for my “sport”. The international community has actually written down rules protecting animals that are both rare and abundant. There are too many billions of people on Earth and even the most abundant bird or insect can quickly become endangered if we find it fashionable to eat or wear. There’s also people that weren’t raised by my mom and they turned out to be lunatics. They find it entertaining to shoot rare animals or make dogs fight or any other horrible thing you can imagine. That’s why there are rules to protect these creatures that share our home and the consequences of what we do to it. If I had ever killed my brothers hamster or my sisters cat for any reason that I found suitable to my needs god forbid the wrath I would have faced. That same passion people have in protecting their pets needs to be respected when people think about trophy hunting. People love the planets animals and there’s serious laws and penalties protecting them. Think about what you shoot very hard before pulling the trigger.


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