Outdoor Photography

I enjoy spending time photographing the outdoors and then editing my pictures to look different and more artistic. I see a lot of people with crystal clear pictures of birds and insects, and while that’s great it’s not my thing. Those cameras used are very expensive and using a giant zoom lens isn’t intimate enough for me. I like to get in close to nature and stalk the animals as if I’m hunting. I see people sitting in cars with 1500 dollar cameras and it’s just not my style. I’d rather walk through the mud and tall grass or crawl through the thorns to get in close. Sure the deer don’t run from cars like they do from me, but those distant spectators miss out on all the wild flowers and insects that I see. Snails and toads make for great subjects if you get down and dirty and on their level. Toads have great personalities if you ever meet one. Out of focus black and whites can also add character to nature. It lets you see nature in a different light. I’ve added a few photo’s I’ve taken recently at the James A. Reed Memorial Wild Life Area near Kansas City to prove my point.100_2835 104_0355_20602569985_o 104e0426_20663415175_o 104e0431_20475640488_o 104e0436_20654540872_o 104e0437_20576556636_o 104e0438_20475562060_o 19932884803_b924003e10_k 19933445533_4ec2f90221_k


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