Oh The Fall

If you’re uncomfortable walking through the woods in the summer I understand. There are bugs, it’s hot and humid, the vegetation is thick. The fall on the other hand is a more user friendly season for outdoor enthusiasts or the novice wanting to explore the great outdoors. The vegetation dies off, the bugs die off, the weather is cooler. You have a better line of sight on the wild life. You can hear animals rustling through the leaves and birds are migrating back south. The leaves are changing to make the canopy an opalescent homage to time. It is truly a beautiful window in the seasons to see Mother Earth show a changing in the guards between summer and winter.

There are many activities open in the fall from hunting to collecting nuts and mushrooms. There’s bird watching, and sitting by a campfire on a cool night while having a drink. There’s long walks in the woods and seeing the white tail deer jump into the distance. Many people find it a great time to float down their favorite streams and rivers after the summer crowds have gone. Waking on a cool foggy morning next to an Ozark stream where the leaves are many shades of gold and brown is great for the spirit. It’s something any camper should experience at least once in their life time. You might even see a Bald Eagle soaring down stream in search of its morning catch.

So if you don’t like being drenched in sweat, covered in ticks, buzzed by mosquitoes, and beaten down by the sun, give fall a shot. It’s a different experience that might become a tradition.


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