Crooked Cops, Refugees, and Terrorists for Christmas

As we roll into the holidays and listen to the world news it’s hard to see anything positive on the horizon for Americas future. American influence looks weak compared to the evils happening in Syria and Iraq. At home the police we look up to are turning violent and minorities are feeling ostracized from the justice system. There’s fear being spread by politicians about war refugees committing acts of terror on our homeland. Things just generally look bad right now.

It’s easy to let your actions be influenced by any fear or anxiety you might be feeling along with millions of other Americans. You might be feeling hatred or dissent towards the people involved in theses horrible events and want to distance yourself or even strike out against them. This is America though and we have to be better than any challengers to our history of being a humane society. We have to be humane and compassionate and think logically before reacting with only fear and hatred in our hearts. We have to remember that we’ve been through bad times and we made it through them. The American way of life is an idea that’s survived a Civil War, World Wars, a Great Depression, and a world changing terrorist attack on New York City. Through every one of these crisis people get angry and fearful and they talk of doom while pointing fingers. In the end though we always come out stronger than before. We come out stronger because we have ideas that were bread into us as Americans. Our country was created by a diverse group of people that understood sacrifice and bravery in the face of any obstacle. Those obstacles then were greater and more dangerous than any member of ISIS or any paranoid presidential candidate can throw our way. Those people suffered through a winter at Valley Forge and marched on Christmas to fight foreign invaders to give us our freedoms and the way of life we’ve inherited. They felt at times that things were too far gone and the end was near but they did not give in. They fought against their detractors and carried on until the end. They risked everything they ever had along the way. After that revolution was won that spirit was repeated over the Appalachians and across the prairies. The American people continued to build a country while risking everything they had. Parents lost children on the plains of Kansas and factory workers suffered in fights to build unions. Our ancestors took those losses with pride and never backed down.

This holiday season don’t succumb to fear and lose anything that our ancestors have fought for. Be humane and compassionate. Help those who need it no matter how different they are. If you see some injustice fearlessly confront it. Be optimistic and know that the sky isn’t falling and these aren’t the end times. Liberals and Conservatives aren’t going to destroy America with their passing beliefs. America and it’s people will endure through many more Christmas seasons even if you want to say there’s a war on Christmas or anything else. Happy Holidays for years to come.


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