Woodsmans Logic On Diversity

When you’re spending a significant amount of time in the elements you’re dealing with an immovable force named Mother Nature. Mother Nature doesn’t care about what you need or even acknowledge your existence. She will pummel you with unbending lethal conditions and shower you with gifts. You have to think objectively and use logical solutions to survive her diverse conditions.

The people we share our planet with are the same way. Sometimes we’re evil and destroy lives and sometimes we’re charitable beyond belief. That goes for every kind of people on every continent. There’s a wasting of energy trying to understand others beliefs and fighting peoples ways of life instead of coexisting and using each others strengths to survive. Like trying to understand the snow in a snowstorm people need to admit they don’t need to understand something they don’t believe in. It’s you’re choice to either work around it or stand there and feel miserable while you get buried in something out of your control. Like in nature there are always tools that you can use to protect who you are while letting people be who they are. There are laws and enough good in the world to protect people who are unwavering in their beliefs as long as they respect the beliefs of others.

We live in a diverse shrinking world with new challenges. Too many people are using diversity as an excuse to wage war and campaigns of hatred against anyone not like themselves. Those people will break and be lessons of history to the objective and logical people who learn to adapt and live with people unlike themselves.


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