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In the winter months people don’t spend as much time outdoors. It’s cold and sometimes wet and the days are short, it’s dreary. That doesn’t sound too appealing unless you live in a place where people ski or dogsled or something. I’m making a terrible argument for going out and enjoying yourself.


If you live in a part of the world where the winters are cold and you have creeks and even the smallest of waterfalls, there’s beautiful work being done by nature. Ice is sculpting the landscape you walk over every spring. It’s chipping away rocks and creating little pockets of earth for wild flowers to grow. It’s splitting boulders and creating new obstacles for water to flow. If you sit down for a day and stare into the freezing water as it changes into a solid and a liquid again you probably won’t notice these changes. It’s a very slow process. What you can witness is the beauty of the ice itself. It takes on sharp edges and rounds itself out. Ice captures light and reflects it. 101_0048_24468783785_oWatching a stream flow through a changing sculptor of ice is a unique event to witness. It brings beauty to an otherwise dismal time of year. Like a blooming flower or shooting star it’s beauty is transient. You might want to bring a camera or a sketch book to capture it’s shape and light. If you’re sitting inside on a cold day and wishing to be outdoors there’s always some excuse to get out and always something to see. There’s something terrific and awesome in everything nature does. Even in your neck of the woods and even in your winter. I hope I made a good argument for anyone to take a walk in the cold, wet, dreary weather and enjoy some outdoor time.