We Walled Ourselves In

People were born to roam free. Out of Africa we walked. Over deserts and glaciers.

Under open skies we lived. We gathered and hunted. Perpetually moving on.

Hundreds of thousands of years unknowingly went by. Seasons marked time.

The land belonged to no one. The fruits and animals were the worlds.

Like animals we fought. Animals are what we are. To survive we fought.

There were no borders. No maps. Only horizons. Deserts and mountains and seas.

People lived. People had families. People had each other. People survived.

We ate and played. We worked at our own leisure. We were good. We were happy.

We one day built a wall. We put things behind the wall. We put ourselves behind the wall.

We quit moving. We quit living under the stars. We quit gathering from the world.

We created our own world. We created our own rules. We broke natures rules.

We planted crops. We fenced in animals. Outside the walls we brought doom.

We made laws. Laws of admittance. Laws of travel. Laws of the gods.

We no longer moved freely. We moved with the laws permission. We settled.

We made laws for settling. We made taxes. We made trades. We made markets.

We made wars. Wars against other walls and the people behind them. Wars to kill.

We made more walls to protect the people from others and their walls. Their evil walls.

We created documents that acted like walls. Laws that acted like walls. Cultures that acted

like walls. Religions that acted like walls.

Constitutions. Declarations. permits. morals. Ethics. Grants. Deeds. Royalties. Classes.

Governments. Townships. Caucuses. parties. groups. labels. Degrees. Ownership.

All walls. Walls that people created. People walled themselves in.

In a corner. Walled in. Not knowing where to go. Always fighting and confined.

Creating more walls. Becoming more constricted. Causing more chaos.

Making more food. More people. More things. More laws. More walls.

Completely walled in. Trapped. Suffocating. crowded. starving. Angry. Walled in.



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