Conservative Vision

The world is divided. The people are divided.

The good people. The right people. The workers. The family. The children. The flag. The values. The country. The constitution. The history. The heritage. The culture. The church. The babies. The Party. The morals. The jobs. The borders.

All under attack by the wrong people. People who look different. People who think different. People who live different. People with a different vision. People with a different religion.

Back to the old ways. The good old days. The days of our forefathers. The founding fathers.

Picket fences. Cowboys. Covered wagons. Factories. Tire swings. Kick the can.

Everything is clean. Everything is white. Blue skies. Apple pies. Blowing sheets.

Segregation. No regulations. Men vote. Home school. Women obey. There’s the help.

Jim Crow. Slums. Red scare black ball. Country clubs. Low wages. Poverty. Community charity. Visions of past glory. The good old days. The conservative ways. Visions of the past.featured-image


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