I’m starting to get annoyed with what I hear from Bernie Sanders supporters. Their reasons for supporting the Senator seem to be very selfish and their expectations of what a president can do are very unrealistic. They’re also very hostile at times toward anyone with a different opinion. They remind me of the tea baggers and their policy of no compromise and everyone else is a bad guy. I’m still leaning towards Bernie Sanders but not very enthusiastically. That’s no reflection of anything that Sanders has done.

If Bernie Sanders is the next president, he’ll be everybody’s president. Not everyone is going to be thrilled about that. He’ll have to battle congress, governors, and courts just as hard as President Obama has. Bernie’s fandom isn’t going to help by continuing to alienate people with insults and overly aggressive campaigning. They’ll only turn away moderates and turn the liberal brand into what it has been fighting against. People should be impassioned about what they believe in, but you have to maintain a respect for others beliefs as well.

There’s not a lot of knowledge behind arguments being made either. If you want to campaign for somebody you should be able to make  factual statements on their behalf. Preaching to the choir with slogans and agreements won’t bring in new voters. Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialism are very complicated. The end results and how they would benefit the poor and the middle class need be explained in a way that makes since to people. Saying Obama is the worst president or Trumpsters are racist idiots only caters to the people already on your side. The remarks I hear about our current president actually turn me off the Bern.

I’m 36 and not voting for a free ride to college. I don’t have kids, and I don’t visit the doctor very often, so that doesn’t sway my vote. I’m voting for what I think is best for the country and the empathy I feel towards those in poverty and victims of prejudice. I want immigrants and poor Republican kids in trailers to be able to visit the doctor without worry. I think children and not just college students should get the best education Americas wealth can provide. The environment should be a top priority so those kids can exercise their god given right to be healthy. I wish the Bern would bring up climate change more often. As a socialist liberal I would like to see a redistribution of the wealth towards the poor and middle class. I would like to see that wealth going towards the reconstruction of America’s urban core.

I know Bernie Sanders like Obama and every president before won’t be able to create some utopia. I know the Bernie fandom will continue to act like the immature college kids they are. I’m going to vote Bernie anyway. He shares the closest image of what I would like to see in America. #FeeltheBern


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