Our Troubles Unite Us

Our troubles unite us, or they should anyway. Most people impassioned about politics in this election year have troubles. They’re mostly very similar problems. There are some that are angry about gun rights and the right to choose, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about America’s working class. People that worry about their future from childhood to old age. People that worry about being homeless someday over a job loss or medical bills. People that raise their children on poverty wages. People that have to check price tags when buying cheap groceries and six dollar t-shirts. People that lose jobs over the flu or cars breaking down. These people work tirelessly at dead end jobs and still qualify for school lunch programs.

All these Americans are impassioned because they’re tired and angry, and yet they see hope for themselves. They all see different paths to change with different candidates that they look up to as messiahs for America. People talk about god, and what’s morally right. People talk about what’s fair and how things should be more in their favor. People want whats best for themselves and their family. They want college and homes and their perception of the American dream. This is what keeps us from being united and creating a real climate for change. We’re all far too divided by our ideologies and our wants.

The main source of this division is an infiltration of politicians who don’t truly represent the working people. Millionaires self fund and use super PACs to run campaigns. They tell us with a bought media that they’re running a grass roots campaign and the people are behind them. They act as though they’re a populous candidate in a country where people aren’t even paying attention. They give speeches with their sleeves rolled up and pretend to be friends with every demographic they meet. All the while turning people against each other. Politicians find divisions among the poor and exploit them to divide and conquer. These politicians come to the working people after they’ve been corporate lawyers and lobbyists. They’ve been advisers to presidents and the oil industry and the gun lobby and big banks. They’ve worked for every establishment that has exacerbated  the working mans problems. They’re telling America they can fix what they helped to break. They do an amazingly successful job at it.

The average American can’t compete with the barrage of ideas being thrown at them by the richest people on earth. Billions have been spent in telling us what to think and who to trust and who to blame. It’s a 24/7 propaganda campaign that is always there. Americans are told things over and over again by the people who are truly in charge of our destinies. Americans only have choices that are given to them by the people they should be uniting against. Our human nature to be selfish and this barrage of propaganda destroys any chance we have for a level playing field.

Until some miracle changes the human conscious and we desire only whats good for the many, nothing will change. We’ll continue to elect people that sell us on ideas that keep us down. The only proof of this I have is over 200 years of American history. A history of a country founded on freedom that was given to us at birth by a god of our choosing. From the beginning Americans fought a revolution over ideas of representation and freedom. It was fought at the words and promises by those who kept people as property and suppressed whiskey distillers who knew they’d been fooled. Americans fought a war to free a race, only to let that race be oppressed by new laws. Over the last 240 years we’re catching on very slowly. We’re all the same though and our troubles should unite us. People have been united in the  past in other countries. Czars and Kings have been overthrown. The wealthy eventually tricked the people back into their chains and new regimes were formed. The working people just have to keep trying and learning the tricks put against them. Eventually the people will do the right thing. Americans are becoming more united and less hateful. Americans are more knowledgeable despite the people we put in charge making cuts to our education. We’re progressing and becoming better people. Eventually our troubles will unite us.



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