My Socialist Dream

There’s a couple in their late twenties. They’re educated and healthy. They have two children that they raise in a modest home. One child is school age and one is a toddler. The school age child is given access to any knowledge that sparks his interest. The toddler stays home with a parent who earns an allowance for raising a child. The working parent works 40 hours a week and has a short commute. They’re a happy family that has time to enjoy life and they don’t know the worries of education costs or healthcare costs. They work and pay taxes and spend their free time being a family. If a child is sick there’s no fear of losing a job while they’re cared for. If a parent gets hurt, they’re allowed time to recover. They visit the city which has been rebuilt with government work programs. There aren’t boarded up windows and slums. The streets are much safer. People were given jobs after investments were made. Those people rose up and lived productive lives. They started paying taxes and buying goods. The wealthy are still wealthy. The rich have less but are still envied and the middle class works hard to build a fortune on a level playing field. The poor live in clean safe housing. There are jobs for the poor that benefit everyone. They work to the best of their abilities and are given the same education and healthcare as everyone else. Nothing is free in this dream. Things are paid for as they always have been in a taxed society. The only difference with these people is that they are paid what’s fair for their work and they give something back that helps everyone. It’s real simple and only requires peoples cooperation and the will to do good for others while taking less for themselves. I think it’s a simple good dream.


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