Pull Those Boot Staps?

I was told, all I needed to be prosperous was to pull on that little loop. I’ve been trying all day to grab that little loop and pull myself up. I’ve started to wonder if maybe it’s not big enough. That brings into question all the people who can’t afford buying boots every couple of years. Where’s their boot straps. If you’re in a situation with nothing to grab how do you pull yourself up? I know there are people with gifted minds who can smelt hunting tools and hunt down a water buffalo before fashioning it into some boot straps. What about everyone else though who didn’t start out with some privileged piece of technology or wealth? I guess they’re just screwed. I’m going to take off my boot laces and try with those. Hopefully they won’t be used to metaphorically strangle me by the people already above me. If I get up to where ever that is, those experienced  boot strap pullers won’t like sharing.


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