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We live in a way that takes from something else everyday. We use the planet and we use each other. We have selfish relationships with people to meet our physical needs. We crave snack foods that result in deforestation. We wear jewelry that was mined by slave labor. Everyday our masses take and take. Chocolate, giant fish sandwiches, cell phones, engagement rings, and the disregard for our fellow human beings all take. We’re destroying the planet and poisoning ourselves in the process. We watch Orangutans starve in Borneo and suicide rates skyrocket in America, and we get depressed and hopeless. When we’re hopeless we say, what the hell and we take more. We take more because the worlds already messed up, and because it’s man kinds fault. We blame the species as we refuse to hold our individual selves accountable. We make ourselves sick with obesity and depression. We in turn invent new easier problems that we can deal with. We have body image problems and social media bullying. We selfishly look into ourselves as projects needing to be fixed. We ignore our neighbors and the world. It’s all taking with nothing being given back. We might run a 5k for charity or donate a prom dress, but that’s a minimal effort that means nothing but a reprieve from our guilt. We are just a taking culture. Be aware of that and think about what and whom you’re taking from. Think about what effects you’re having on a small scale as part of a larger species that takes and takes.