Life is Short and Time is Infinite

We are alive in less time than the universe has time to notice us. We spend that time living by rules and accumulating possessions and people that are just as short lived as we are. If that brings you satisfaction and immense joy than good for you. I think it sounds boring. In an existence that’s fleeting and ultimately pointless, while possessing a body that can fail at any time, I think it’s wiser to make your own rules. Even if these rules hurt and destroy everything. Anything you destroy with your actions was temporary carbon based matter anyhow. Someday everything will be swallowed by the sun and our existence will be forever unknown. The point is that you enjoy it with every being of your soul. So destroy, eat, fuck, walk your dog, it doesn’t matter what. Just do exactly as you wish and play by your own rules. What are any earthly consequences compared to the time you’ll be gone after. The universe will forget the 3rd star from the sun and the planet will forget your indiscretions and supposed failure at living in a civilized society. You can go out tonight and do cocaine, fuck a prostitute, and eat big macs until you puke. If you spent all your money then take from somebody else tomorrow. Let the world descend into chaos before the masses destroy it. Life is short and when it’s over you’ll be gone forever. Take what you want from it.


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