Being Kind and Useful

When you spend a lot of time away from people deep in the woods it’s easy to forget how to act around them and develop prejudices against them. The same can be said for people who work alone, or spend hours gaming, and sit in front the T.V. watching biased news all day. It’s easy to forget how complicated people needs are and how each individual has their own struggles. We look at each other and ask why or how about their actions and beliefs. We never consider how difficult our own struggles and daily obstacles look to others and how much me might just have in common. Instead we’re unkind and bigoted. We judge and turn our backs. We build social walls and move into little groups of like minded people. It’s a deep unkindness and it’s not useful to anybody, but ones own ego and laziness.

President Obama has recently talked about being kind and useful when living your life as a general rule to follow. I don’t think it’s much simpler or wiser than that. There’s so much division over sex and labor and bathroom policies and it’s all so mean and selfish. We’re being awful to each other over things we can simply choose not to let bother us. Instead of calling food stamp users evil while we sit in front of a thousand dollar television, we should take pity and be thankful for what we have and think of a way to be useful to that family. If a teenager in our community feels out of place with their sexuality and would feel more comfortable using another bathroom, then why not let them? Just be a little useful even if it makes you uncomfortable. There’s really no harm done. Just be kind and consider how they may feel and make it easier for them. Things like this happen everyday. It’s not easy and we’re set in our ways, but maybe we can do better. Let people do what’s good for them and be patient about it. Be kind and be useful.


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