The Pooka and the Yellow

Deep in a cavern.

There sits a beast. Lonesome and wanting.

Surrounded by a darkness that seeps into his soul.

The only glimpse of above through a tiny hole.

The light filters in, bringing shadows of the yellow that grow above.

The sweet wild smell catches the breeze and dies on the damp walls.

The beast has planted the yellow and now he waits.

The wait is long but not in vain.

The creature he desires draws near.

Drawn by the yellow and its glow.

The creature is a pooka with golden hair.

She walks near and her shadow blocks the light.

The beast stands yearning for a fleeting glimpse.

The silhouette is outlined in the sun.

The beasts heart races and the cavern warms.

The pooka moves about and the light floods back in.

The beast is blinded and transformed.

No longer wanting or alone.

The pooka is above and it fills his heart.

It is enough for a beast.

A glimpse and a whisper on the wind.

Thank you beast.

Thank you for my yellow.

A happy pooka and her yellow given by the beast.



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