Finding Peace in a Violent World

When you wake up on a Sunday morning to the news of violence and death it takes a toll on your soul, on your mind, and your well being. Any caring person of a sound mind can’t help but to look on in horror at the news of violence and global destruction that is being wrought on our time. It doesn’t matter if things are happening in your backyard or Thousands of miles away, it’s happening and we know about it.The level of hatred and indifference is overwhelming and there’s no sense of justice or end to it. Anyone born during the Cold War or after has grown up in a world threatened by destruction. Destruction by war or the changing environment. There’s mass shootings, terrorism, nuclear holocaust, revolution, rape, extinction, the list goes on. The threat to the great apes of Africa and ethnic cleansing in Nigeria are as close to home as rapes on college campuses. It’s all outrageous and evil and bearing down on who we are. A person needs to get away from it sometimes. There needs to be a distraction from the chaos, no matter your level of empathy and passion towards any cause. If you can’t get a moment you will simply break down and no longer be the person you are.You become a person who hates in return and withdraws from the world and what’s good in it.

You have to find peace in something beautiful and full of love or laughter. You have to find peace alone or with people. There’s peace in the beauty of nature or the busiest city. There’s peace in the rolling waves on your favorite beach. There’s peace in the birds that visit your park. There’s peace in watching a movie. There’s peace in having a drink with a friend. There’s peace in reading a book. There’s peace in your favorite music. There’s peace in your pets and children. Despite any level of hatred and chaos evil brings to us there’s still love and beauty in the world around us. You just have to find it and hold on to it and at times forget everything but that. You can find beauty in somebody you love or the smallest flower growing from a city sidewalk. Look to those things and find peace in this violent world.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Maria says:

    Very nice! Great reminder to still be positive and not be part of this selfish world we live in.


  2. SignedArouge says:

    Everything is scary these days. Finding peace is difficult but sometimes it is as simple as your neighbours smile on the way out in the morning…


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