Dear Donald Trump Voters

I believe in equality and freedom for all people. I have no fear of violence, oppression, religions, races, sexuality, gender, or anything outside the realm of my chosen lifestyle. I will not oppress or subjugate or regulate anyone’s personal freedoms for anyone else and their fears real or imagined. I was born free at no cost and I will die free as it is the law of nature.

I will not stand behind anyone that stands behind any leader who entertains or supports anyone’s racist, fascist, and oppressive backward views of the world.

I won’t stand in the way of your rights to express yourself, but I won’t be cordial or friendly or supportive of your way of thinking. I find anyone’s support of Donald Trump to be ignorant, lazy, selfish, racist by association, and in support of tyranny and inhumane policy. You can’t pick and choose what you condone with a tyrant. You’re either with them or against them. There is no either or when it come’s to the oppression of others and the support of that policy maker. The beliefs and actions by a party to oppress how others live their lives can not be ignored over some tax policy or a family loyalty to a party. It’s not American and it’s unconstitutional and it’s inhumane. When you elect a leader you’re telling them that you support all their policies not just the one’s you conveniently choose.

In 1861 American families were torn apart as people chose sides to fight for opposing views of what freedom meant. Then people looked at slaves as less than human and deserving of ownership and servitude. They felt it was their freedom to oppress a race. Today people feel it is their right to oppress religious freedoms to protect their own and oppress a person’s sexuality because it doesn’t fit with theirs. People want to build a wall and omit others unlike themselves to make the country great again. In 1865 those people lost their oppressive way of life and were proven to be on the wrong side of history. People today simply have to make a choice on who they vote for. Anyone who Votes Trump will lose and be on the wrong side of history.

I’m choosing not to support anyone that history is going to look back on with disdain. We look back on those people who fought segregation, or the women’s right to vote, or those against Irish immigration as bad people. They were doing bad things and were against the progress and freedom all people deserve. I won’t stand behind anybody like that. I won’t give a smile or have a drink with or listen quietly to what I see as fascist nonsense.


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