Autum Beauty

Under the cool autum sky her dark eyes reflect the universe, magnifying her beauty and the lust in his heart.                         Two lovers alone in the moment.Their passionate whispers carried on the lake driven breeze are caught in the rustling auburn leaves and float to the frosted ground.                             Her nakedness bright in the moonlight awakens his desires and fights back against the cold and the dark.                           Both their desires inflamed, he squeezes her tight with his strong arms and she him with her open legs.                                   The kisses are long and deep and they grow weak and tremble in their embrace.                         His passion grows and penetrates her.                                                           She takes it in and holds it deep. The world freezes in time and there is only them. Nothing else.      Under the stars and their infinite energy her beauty gives credit to it all.                                                          The millinias leading to this moment in time for two people brought together by fate.                               In the lovers embrace he explodes inside her, giving his soul and heart. Exposing himself to her in his weakest state.                She holds him tight, secure in his strenth and safety.        They are one under creation.     Only they exist under a starry autum sky as they hold eachother tight.



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