Voting America Back To a Place Time Forgot.

A lot of Americans are angry and worried and upset about the direction  America is going. People want change and they want it now. They dont seem to be interested in who brings brings it and what the plan is as long as it changes. They dont seem to   care about giving up their rights or taking away the rights of others. They have this romantic idea about how America was at some time and that with a major shakeup it can be that way again. Who knows where these romanticized visions of a great power where everyone works and everyones happy comes from. It reminds me of 1920s fascist boasts of great empires and nationalist pride. This vision of greatness is built on a romanticized time and place that only exists on 50s reruns and in rocking chair nostalgia. America has always had economic ups and downs. Its always had division and hate and violence. Its in our history and its usually seldom great. America has built and created amazing things and inspired and acted on amazing philosophies and ideas. Its always a concerted effort by all Americans who came from around the world and its always over spans of time. During all those great things America was accomplishing there were many horrible things happening that people are forgetting about. The nation was born in violence, people were brought here from Africa as slaves and taken from Canada as spoils of war, The native peoples of this land were fighting for everything and losing, women couldnt vote and had few rights, children worked dangerous jobs and went without a education, people of all races lived in desperate poverty under deplorable conditions full of disease and violence. Life was not a Hollywood movie like the Patriot or some John Wayne or Ronald Reagan movoe. Things didnt change until people with brave and passionate voices stood up and fought for change. Americans had to fight to keep kids out of the factories and to have a forty hour work week and to vote and have basic civil rights with clean water and air and safe living conditions. Americans flourished under these new conditions. Under these new standards of living people were educated and they were healthy and things got better for many. Still black people couldnt vote or play baseball with whites and women didnt have control of their future and gay people had to stay in the closet or face violence and horrific treatment in mental hospitals. The point is that this time Americans want to return to was not the place they invision. It never happened that way. Things are much better now and getting better. We are going the right way and should only look back to learn. The only way is the way forward and all that optimistic lingo.







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