Our Doomed Country 11/9/2016

Theres so much fear over this election and what comes after. We are talking doomsday scenerios and economic collapse and civil war. We are talking about corrruption, bigotry, racism, sexism, stupidity. People are stressed and angry and confused. We look at neighbors and wonder how could they possibly back that person for president. We ask how our friends could do this to us and what happened to them. We ask ourselves these questions and we polarize ourselves in our fear and anger and confusion. Surely this nation cant stand with these impassioned views and divisions.

Over the next four years, no matter who wins, people will be angry and talk of crazy conspiracies and assign blame for their troubles wether imagined or real or even relevent. There will be government gridlock and global terrorism and plenty of drama between congress and the executive branch and the supreme court. It will be a news junkies paradise full of memorable sound bites. People will remain angry and dramatic in their beliefs and post many many crazy memes.

The election is tomorrow and theres so much anxiety over it, but ask yourself what are you planning to do on the 9th of November. What are your plans for the weekend? You’ll probably eat snacks and watch football or visit a bar or stay home and watch political pundits and get all angry while you eat snacks. Some people will line up to buy guns and ammo and pounds of beans and some might check flights  for a distant safe place. That’s already routine everyday business. No big deal. People are angry and self involved and too lazy to fact check memes. It will be just like always. Life will always have suffering in varying degrees to go with its beautiful moments. It will be a slow and long wait for the real apocolypse, when the sun consumes the earth.


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