Monster Fell In The Well: a fairy tale

Deep deep in the forest of a far away land, there is a place of magic where our fairy tales are true. Animals are sweet and they sing and talk and live inside of fairy tale cottages and castles with magical people doing magical things. One such magical person isn’t so much a person as he is Frank the Monster. Frank was a lonely monster who roamed the woods with little thought or direction. Frank wandered here and there and slept under trees and deep in caves where he ate yucky things and sometimes delicious things but not usually. He walked through trees and came out into fields where the grass was as tall as he. One such time he was looking at the sky picking shapes in the clouds and the ground fell out from under him as he fell. He fell deep deep into a well. So deep the sun was a tiny circle high above and when the clouds passed he was alone in the cold wet dark. All Frank could do was keep from falling farther and wait and hope for rescue.

In the field as Frank fell there were three friends who witnessed his blunder, a rabbit, a mouse, and a tree frog. They were wise and trustworthy, lucky for Frank. They quickly knew what to do, where to go, and who to talk to. They needed speed and the rabbit was into cross fitness while the mouse was not and the frog not so much. The frog leaped on the mouse and the mouse scurried onto the rabbit and off they went at speed!

As the sun went down they arrived at a cottage built of logs and full of light and music. The logs were chocolate and the roof thatched with cherry licorice. Inside the windows passed blue birds doing chores and singing and two great big dogs, one black and one gold with a Pooka in between them as they cuddled and colored. The Pooka was beautiful and sweet and her love ruled the forest for a days walk around her home. The tree frog whose name was twig if you asked him jumped and climbed to the window and knocked and knocked as his little fingers made no noise. Luckily Pooka has powers and knew something was wrong. She opened the door and the three went on about a goof falling in the well. Pooka listened and knew what to do so she grabbed her green plaid coat and flew. Pooka was fleet of foot and fast as lightning and she was at the well in no time flat.

Frank was cold and wet but he was a monster and he was strong. He kept his head up and his legs stiff and saw the silver of the crescent moon slowly move from east to west in a wide arc. The moons glow was there until it was replaces by the sweetest smile a monster might ever know.There was a golden haired Pooka to the rescue of a silly monster down in a well.

Pooka was there but she needed help. Monster was big, even for a magical person. She whistled and waited and out came help, a family of llamas led by Zero and Flash. Pooka let down her hair and it grew and grew twenty feet or maybe more. The hair went in the well and twisted and turned and came to Frank just out of reach. The llamas said hey and shed their shag. Pooka took their hair and twisted and braided until the shag was steel strong. A dozen squirrels ran it down and tied it off and Monster was able to grab hold and hold on tight. Zero and Flash play tug of war and they tugged and tugged until Frank was in the moonlight. Frank grabbed Pooka and squeezed her tight and patted the dogs and disappeared into the night.


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