Let People Be

I haven’t had a regular job since 2013. I usually feel like shit. Life just sucks most the time. It can keep sucking because I wont take any of Donalds Trumps new jobs if it means somebody else gets deported, or thrown in jail over stop and frisk. I’m not walking over anybody the right looks down on. The right can remove a race of people, political outsiders, the mentally ill, homosexuals, and who ever else they don’t like from the workforce to create new jobs. I wont take part and I’ll fight against it. Don’t think it can’t happen. Homosexuality was illegal. Mexicans have been sent “home” before. Black people have been segregated. Communists have been blackballed. The mentally ill have been put out of sight. Americans have a dark history and are still capable of doing dark evil things to obtain their needs and wants. Don’t be idle when people are persecuted in the future. Keep an open mind and speak up for people. Don’t take from others inhumanely. Keep an eye on the minorities and the outspoken and the sick and stand between them and those that say they want their country back. There is enough for everybody and everybody has a right to it. There should be no worries in this land of the free. No bullying or deportations or harassment. Just think about what you have now and what you really need and if others beliefs and lifestyles really conflict with yours.


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