Sex and Pizza : a poem

Sex and pizza. Dating back to the time of the ancient pharos. wonderful toppings of animals long since extinct for the food industry and wild orgies on mounds of grapes. Those were the good old days. Family night meant sex and pizza in those days. Nationalism and Nazism and Nihilism and Narnia and Nachos and fucking on a floor of hot melted cheese and tomato sauce. Pepperoni and artichokes and olives and banana peppers and mushrooms and sausage and hamburger and cheeses galore. White Nationalist pizza party in a White House. Rose Garden Nazi orgies. Orange senior citizen men in ill-fitting suites. Thin sliced press junkets and cronyism special. Madness in an array of words and toppings and sexual assaults by an American oligarch. Explained in sex and pizza.


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  1. Len says:

    This is fucking brilliant.

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    1. yeah? thank you so much!

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    2. Hey Len as a photographer I love your face and youre a beautiful poet. Can I follow you on twitter or facebook?

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      1. Len says:

        Thank you Ben! Feel free to follow me on Twitter, there is a link in the About section of my blog 🙂


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