Why Bernie Sanders Lost

People who support¬†Bernie Sanders are very upset with the Democratic party and say the party picks the candidate. Sure the party wants who they think is the best candidate for them, it’s their party and their right. But there’s a very simple reason he lost and there’s no corruption involved. The reason is my aunt…

Holiday Solitude

I see the holidays as people standing in long lines and going in debt over gifts that will be forgotten and fights in parking lots and extra traffic and so much stress with hurrying ¬†to recreate a Christmas that just doesn’t exist anymore. The world moves too quickly in most months and with December its…


1775 Breed’s Hill, Joseph Warren and others gave their lives to fight tyranny. They lost but inflicted heavy losses on the king’s army. 1775 New England was the American Dream if there ever was one. Educated and wealthy and with the highest life expectancy they risked everything. Those men were strong in their devout beliefs…


the electoral college hands America a rogue figure to lead its way into darkness?

Truth in pain

In the clear water you can see the truth. In the truth there is knowledge. In knowing there is pain. In pain everything is clouded.

I’m sorry Aleppo

I’m sorry Aleppo. I’m sorry That from my position of safety in America I did nothing to increase your chances of survival. All I could do from the most powerful country in the free world was offer my solidarity on Facebook and wordpress. I didn’t send money or food or prayer. I wrote my congressmen…

Donald Trump Tweets and the Death of Opposition News!

Last night I watched Saturday Night Live, and they had a strange and funny skit showing how Donald Trump sees the world. It was funny but I was looking even more forward to seeing how a poked bear would react. I stayed up until three before falling asleep and woke up disappointed over the lack…

December Hell

Waking to the cold fiery hell of a December morning. An ancestors attempt at resettlement where the grass is green upon arrival and soon crunches dead under the descendents foot. A paradise given in a prophecy and erased by sprawl. A high summit, the sunrise blocked by power lines and absent of a chimneys smoke….

The Last Tomato

Grown in time to see the end of the world. Wilted leaves and dry brown nutrient depleted soil. Short frigid days. The ground littered with decaying red ancestors and many more just missing. An unshakable freezing sensation around the stem. In a state of green, ironically the color of inexperience. Never ripening to any potential….

Weight of the world

The world is full of giant scary things that set out to weigh you down. They will squash you and suffocate you and stamp out your hope. Look to nature in dark times and see how the smallest living things bear the weight of the world year after year for all time. Let mother nature’s…

Burn Your Eyes: mini poem

To see the sun you must burn your eyes. A sacrifice to beauty and creation. The creator of dust, the elements, of life. It gives us everything and burns everything away as we avert our eyes. While you can, gaze into its beauty and burn your eyes.

Warm Blood: mini poem

Forever you felt its warmth and cherished and adored it and took it for granted that it would always be there. Then it sets as is its nature and you have forgotten the warmth in yourself and you go into the cold alone to watch it go and say goodbye. On a barb in the…