I’m so bored with Americans

With the racism and bigotry and white privilege and violence and drug addictions and Wednesday churches and conservatism and nationalism and liberals and leftists and the alt-right Nazis and Christmas lingo and pipelines and reliving the 80s and Reaganomics and college debt and Killary and Benghazi and factory farming and Putin crushes and obesity and bathroom usage and rape culture. What the fuck you people! Half of the problems Americans have are chosen to be problems! It’s your arrogant greedy I’m so special lifestyle choices! We have so much and we want more and we get pissed and elect crazy people when things aren’t given immediately. We shoot each other and fight and get high and Facebook rant over petty irrelevant shit. I live in a city where people are fat and have extra money to eat out and buy fancy cars and give money to churches and they still think life is shit because some black people in Kansas City have welfare and gay dudes want a wedding cake and a trans kid wants to take a piss somewhere. It’s total fucking insanity brought on by years of privilege and boredom and racism and sitting at Apple Bee’s staring at a fat spouse and dumb kids for too many years. Turn off the cables news and midget reality shows and skip the soccer practice and just walk around your McMansions and take stock in the good life you have and all the shit you can spare to get rid of that might help lesser off people you really don’t know anything about at all because you don’t leave the suburbs. I’m so bored with these people world. You’d think America was Allepo or South Sudan or something the way people get so excited. This is the land of drive thru everything and elastic pants and people just want to hate eachother over shit that isn’t their damned business. Man I’m bored with it.


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