Donald Trump Tweets and the Death of Opposition News!

Last night I watched Saturday Night Live, and they had a strange and funny skit showing how Donald Trump sees the world. It was funny but I was looking even more forward to seeing how a poked bear would react. I stayed up until three before falling asleep and woke up disappointed over the lack of reaction. I did start following @realDonaldTrump and even went back and read quite a few of the Donalds tweets. They were boring and playing to fans and supporters and didn’t say much. They were just one sided short bits of propaganda. Then I read CNN FAKE NEWS, and I thought well that just delegitimize half a nations opinion and beliefs and the factual news they get it from. It means the Donalds news is the real news, the stories he approves of are the real stories, his detractors are using free speech to make things up about him. His followers know this because CNN is fake as well as all the other media against him and in support of a leftist agenda. He has by discrediting an entire media source in effect taken control of the media without quieting it, but making opposition into an agenda against him and the people he represents. Those Americans now only trust one source of news and condemn all others as from the libs or leftists with conspiracies to undermine the American way of life or any other reason Donald Trump and the “alt right” give. It’s a scam on the American people, the press, and the first amendment that when pointed out is just shrugged off as liberal wineing. When you look at a persons Facebook page or Twitter account and see post after post and tweet after tweet of propaganda memes that are one sided and demonizing or trivialized a belief you know their mind is made up. Making an argument against that blind faith is like arguing with a cult member or trying to deNazi post war Germany. In a free society where the first amendment is played against itself how can you do that? America needs a slap in the face or a dunk in ice-cold water for this problem. A con man has people sold hard and the medias voice is preaching to the choir on one side and laughed off by the other. One mans Tweets with the backing of a political party and its own news sources are choking out our democracy and its Constitution. Like in Putin’s Russia, Trumps opposition is dead in the water. CNN is debunked with all your news you hear from it. Will you trust Trumps news as blindly as people have so far? How will you know what’s true? It will take an objective and inquiring mind to do the right thing in a post fact America.


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