A popular hashtag and symbol of social progress that can’t be stopped. It’s a fight against oppressions thought gone but supported by a new regime without compromise. Resistance against a new generation of Americans looking to old ways, beliefs fueled by old mens tails of a America once great but weakened by Mexicans and gays and Muslims. The resistance is against the turning tide of hate and bigotry. This new regime is not for America but for a minority with dyeing beliefs proven wrong. Our new leader was elected with a minority vote and approved by an electorate more loyal to rules and a political party than to the American people and its democracy. The new regime has an oppressive and destructive mandate not supported by the majority to turn back the clock on progress to a time of great greed and a will to take from nature with a unrepairable destructive force that sickens the planet and its people for capitalist ventures that benefit a select few. Across the country, courts and state senates and governors will take away the rights of minorities and women to live freely and to have a voice. A right to health care and voting and schooling and religious practices are all under the gun barrel of conservative values. Everything that makes America a beacon of hope and democracy is under the threat of legislated and court ordered fascism fueled by hatred towards people who look and act different. There is no way to fight back with love and patience and acceptance. Being loud and in your ¬†face and in the streets is the only way until people wake up in the cities and vote against the rural threat of oppressive christian American values. The GOP is a new platform for white nationalist and what amounts to a christian caliphate. Don’t be fooled by prime time interviews with toned down rhetoric and token political appointees. Don’t legitimize this new political movement. Don’t take part in wrongs because it`s the law. #resist and don’t let up for the next four years. Alienate and disrupt racists and bigots where ever you see them. Be mean and go low and make them regret and think. If you have any empathy or love for your neighbors and the environment resist. #resistance


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