1775 Breed’s Hill, Joseph Warren and others gave their lives to fight tyranny. They lost but inflicted heavy losses on the king’s army. 1775 New England was the American Dream if there ever was one. Educated and wealthy and with the highest life expectancy they risked everything. Those men were strong in their devout beliefs in liberty. They didn’t say, “it is what it is” or “accept reality” they made their own destiny and created a nation we now take for granted.

George Washington didn’t lose emails but he was a slave holder who lost more battles than he won and marched an army on his own people in Pennsylvania over taxes, yet he’s the founding father and the best of the presidents to many.

Now you fools elect a greedy Tori as one of your own for promises of riches and shared values that will take from others. You’ll stand back as victors and losers and say it’s over. Accept defeat and cooperate as your minority friends lose what you take for granted.

Damn you all I say! Don’t recognize this government and its temporary status! Dont stand for your nation’s flag or anthem sewn and written by oppressors! Fight for what those symbols are supposed to mean. Fight you bastards!



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