Holiday Solitude

I see the holidays as people standing in long lines and going in debt over gifts that will be forgotten and fights in parking lots and extra traffic and so much stress with hurrying  to recreate a Christmas that just doesn’t exist anymore. The world moves too quickly in most months and with December its way out of hand. I might take part in this madness if I had kids and a wife or a girlfriend, but I don’t. I do things for people, that I find boring or horrible and maybe that’s why a portion of shoppers are out in the chaos. I don’t have to worry about that though. This holiday season I have my solitude and it’s so so nice. Looking back on past holiday seasons when I did partake in these new traditions of long lines and self torture, I wish I’d sat out for a few hours in the woods and enjoyed the winter quiet and just closed my eyes and breathed. I think I would have enjoyed the whole thing much more. Of course getting caught up in the big hurry makes you lose focus on what`s important. You think you have to get one more gift or go have one more dinner and there`s always more time. The thing is, time is short. You have to use it wisely and manage it like your Christmas budget. If you have kids and a wife or some combination of that then let them be part of your solitude from everything else. Bundle them up and google the nearest quiet nature area and just go. They`re what Christmas is about anyway. Instead of spending fifty or sixty dollars going out to eat have a small winter picnic. Bring some hot soup and hot chocolate and some marshmallows to roast. You won’t have to wait on a table or raise your voice to talk and you’ll have a unique bonding experience with your loved ones. There isn’t a more relaxing place for solitude and catching your breath than out in nature. It has hot yoga beat and drinking in front of your television beat and you can do yoga or bring booze into the wild if you really must. You really need that solitude though. It helps slow things down and gives you a step back to look at what the holidays are really for.15622082_227194261024661_852004568377499951_n


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