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People who support Bernie Sanders are very upset with the Democratic party and say the party picks the candidate. Sure the party wants who they think is the best candidate for them, it’s their party and their right. But there’s a very simple reason he lost and there’s no corruption involved. The reason is my aunt says he’s an asshole. The American people vote for politicians. They vote with the same loyalty they have for their favorite sports teams. Right or wrong for anyone else people pick their horse and run with it. Anyone else is an asshole because they’re not their guy. Hillary came in as the favorite and as much as people hate her guts for incredible reasons, people also love her. They love her and will justify or spin any wrong doing or right thing she does. The same thing goes for Bernie or Trump or anybody. Congress is a joke but people vote for the incumbent. They vote for their guy because the others are assholes and their vote is always right as they discuss kitchen table politics with like minded people. There is no corporate or new order or military puppet that gets appointed by secret sinister forces in American politics. The people choose every time and its been that way for decades. Unfortunately Americans are know it all assholes who aim too high and put too much hope in other American assholes. Bernie Sanders is an asshole according to my aunt, who by the way has no expertise is that anatomy, but it’s a hateful label that couldn’t be overcome in a nation where assholes get to vote and every vote is a special interest.