A leaf poem

Weighing just grams and razor thin it holds against a force that carves mountains and washes away cities and drowns life.

Deep in the Suburbs and Isolated: a poem

Isolation used to be sought. Hours spent driving to the country for peace and quiet. Now it`s dreaded in a metropolis of over a million. Divided by highways and miles of surrounding parking lots and the distraction of television and social media. It’s an isolation of sensory overload without any real quiet. The local woods…

Protest in Despair and Hope

A pro protest piece to give help to the cause. Please excuse any misspelled words and it may not be work safe. I wont censor my own work if I see it as harmless.

Shapes of Things

Take a walk and look at the shapes of things and the art nature makes.

Ice Storm

Longing for that friend who wasn’t there on that cold lonely night. The ice on the window brings back the need for that cold heart. That icey woman who came with passion and an instant bond and left like a stranger. This storm and being shut in brings it back. A deep wound aches in…

Unfriending a Facebook Friend

Can you stay friends in “real life” after you decide you can’t be Facebook friends? Sometimes I enjoy the company of somebody but seeing what they post on social media and always being connected is just too much for various reasons. When I’ve unfriended people they took it as being out of their life. The…

Two Years of Blogging Today

I started writing again two years ago today on the advice of a Facebook friend I found on Craigslist and never met in person. It’s funny how often people come and go out of our lives and what a huge influence they can make and how easily their names are forgotten. Any stranger on any…