Two Years of Blogging Today

I started writing again two years ago today on the advice of a Facebook friend I found on Craigslist and never met in person. It’s funny how often people come and go out of our lives and what a huge influence they can make and how easily their names are forgotten. Any stranger on any day can set us on a path we never expected. That lady also got me back into photography and in doing so introduced me to many new friends and adventures. I hope her name comes back to me someday so I can thank her.

I recommend everybody slow down their lives by discovering a way to express themselves. You can write or draw or paint or photograph or sculpt it doesn’t matter. In finding your expressive medium you slow things down and find yourself in introspection. I believe I’ve found the hope and empathy I had as a youth in writing and photography. For a long time I quit caring and said fuck it dude. I saw and heard nothing but negativity from the news and coworkers and as an introvert I kept quiet and just gave up on people because I didn’t have a voice. On my class ring there’s a picture of the planet and the inscription “Ours to save”. I lost sight of that over years of frustration in not having a voice for my views or ideas and the inability to share what I love with my friends. Thanks to a kind strangers advice I got that back and I can forward on the advice to whoever reads this. You can live your life through memes and quickly scrolling through Facebook posts looking for things that catch your eye or binge watching shows and making them your livelihood, but what are you really learning about yourself and the people around you in doing so? There aren’t are any lessons in car selfies or Game of Thrones. It’s just killing time and a cheap way to do it. There isn’t any connection to humanity and nature through that path in life. That aren’t any new discoveries about your life except which filter makes you look cute or who shows their boobs or gets killed in the next season. It’s an empty forgetful life to live. If you create something that shows the world who you are and what you stand for besides your cute dog face then that’s something you and others can learn from and do something with. That’s what I’ve gotten from two years of blogging and my photography. I feel like I have a voice and that it matters and I know people listen. I just need to remember that lady’s name.


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