Unfriending a Facebook Friend

Can you stay friends in “real life” after you decide you can’t be Facebook friends? Sometimes I enjoy the company of somebody but seeing what they post on social media and always being connected is just too much for various reasons. When I’ve unfriended people they took it as being out of their life. The thing is, Facebook isn’t my life. It doesn’t define my friendship with anyone. Neither does Twitter or Snapchat or Instagram. What defines my friendships has nothing to do with technology unless technology is the only link I have to be involved in their lives. Facebook and other social media is not what we are. We need hugs and dinners out and talks over a hot drink or a stiff drink. We need people to stop by and we need to do things that are inconveniences for us but a huge help for others. Being friends is empathy and solidarity and sharing. It’s not just laughing or being entertained but being there through hard times and giving support. Being friends on Facebook and laughing over memes or agreeing over politics is just a thing friends can do but shouldn’t define a friendship. That’s how I feel anyway. I’m Facebook friends with people I know nothing about and I’m not Facebook friends with people I care a great deal about. Facebook is nothing. I can write letters or text or call. Facebook is nothing. Just a tool that makes it easy to be lazy about staying in touch and never seeing people.


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