Nude and Nature Photography My Thoughts

2016-11-07_02-06-37-01There’s a stigma with nude photography or any nudity for that matter, in that it’s always pornographic or sexual in nature. The thing is, if you see it as something profane you’re making a choice to do so. I see it as a part of nature sculpted over time with evolution and genetic and more lately life style choices. It can be as beautiful as any wild flower or exotic animal and I make the choice to combine the human body and the wild to be displayed through photography. 31079717244_dc66fa2fb3_o_edited_31993928001_o-01I see them both as the greatest evidence of any higher power and as an atheist that’s saying a lot. I know it’s not for everyone and people have their own insecurities or religious or cultural reasons to be against it. That is also their choice to continue with what are only beliefs and not the law of the land. I want people to see my photographs and see nothing but beauty and be inspired to open their minds and maybe be more comfortable with themselves or maybe see themselves as beautiful when they hadn`t before. I hope the beauty of nature is seen and its harshness in contrast to our vulnerability and also the peace it can bring us. Try to keep an open mind with people’s art. Realize that in a world of violence where it’s displayed in reality on the news and as gory fiction in your t.v. shows that we might be making poor choices in what offends us. Nudity has been displayed in art for thousands of years now and it hasn’t caused any harm. We need beauty in the world to give us calm and insight and inspiration and nudity in art is a part of that beauty._dsc0323_31550584250_o-01 Our humanity is reflected in what we create as art. Right now I see that humanity is being represented as violent and materialistic and temporary. We sensor out language and nudity and allow horrible acts of violence to be seen by children. What are we saying of ourselves when we’re angered or offended by our bodies being seen in a natural way but entertained when they’re mutilated or raped or only shown as corpses after a violent act. I find it disturbing and worry how it might lessen empathy and understanding between people. I want people to be seen as natures or gods work of art that we are. We’re a beautiful species sculpted by time and endless stories of the people who created what we are now.



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