Deep in the Suburbs and Isolated: a poem

Isolation used to be sought. Hours spent driving to the country for peace and quiet.

Now it`s dreaded in a metropolis of over a million. Divided by highways and miles of surrounding parking lots and the distraction of television and social media.

It’s an isolation of sensory overload without any real quiet. The local woods echo the traffic. The constant slamming of car doors and mysterious hums and sirens block any real thoughts or insight.

Deep in the suburbs surrounded by a world speeding by, we’re isolated but not alone.

In a tiny backyard lit by neighbors porch lights and dimming streetlights only a few stars shine. The wind gusting between homes prevents us sitting by the store bought fire pit. Rules and regulations take away the dancing of the flames that draw us out of ourselves and into a deeper space in the winter night sky.

It’s nothing like the solitude of a forest or prairie that brings peace to the soul as you listen to mother nature breath around you.

Deep in the suburbs you’re walled in by prefabricated oil based capitalism and roads littered with raccoons and Opossums and deer and coyotes fallen victim to its poison.

Isolated and always plugged in, feeling the warmth of technology against your legs.

Isolated by the unspoken community bedtime of 10 p.m.

Isolated by the yard signs declaring this to be a christian white nationalist town.

Isolated by the headphones and averted eyes as strangers pass.

Isolated by the garage door openers and living room theaters and lack of porches.

Isolated by texting and snapchatting and expression through memes.

Deep in the suburbs longing for a campfire under a cotton wood and listening to its branches squeak as I wonder if they’ll snap and end me. Just looking up at the sky and feeling the warmth of a fire on my knees and the winter chill on my back.

Deep in the suburbs I’m surrounded by people with unfriendly faces and electric lights and the cold wind unheeded by parking lots. Isolated and all alone in a transformed Missouri wilderness.

Deep in the suburbs and isolated.





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