No Facebook for Me!

What a distraction. A bubble. A waste of time. A source of social neglect. I spent way too much time on Facebook over the last two years. I made some friends that I never met and ruined a friendship or two with people I actually knew. It was good to follow the news. It was good until I read the comments of bozos and I foolishly engaged them in circular arguments. I spent hours playing a game with dragons? Why in the cuss did I ever get into that? I should have been talking to people in my area and creating real friendships. I should have been working out and cooking healthy food. I should have read a hundred books. I should have written on this blog and written my congressman. I should have hiked a thousand miles. I should have found a woman to be with. A woman who wasn’t obsessed with Facebook and handsome guys. I know I’m not supposed to regret and everything happens for a reason. All the bad things build character and help us grow stronger. Facebook made me weak and forgetful and unappreciative of what I have and who I am. I flirted with girls I’d never meet. I trolled racists whose minds I couldn’t change. I fed my anger and envy and depression as I scrolled and scrolled through pages of statuses I had nothing to do with. I laughed at some and learned a few things but mostly I judged. I in no way became a better stronger person or made the world a better place through Facebook. The only people I touched in a positive way already shared my views. Now I know. I can start back again and build my brain into a healthy muscle. I’m going to read more books and go on more hikes and go out and meet more people. I want to listen to people’s voices while we have drinks. I want to meet women and look into their eyes. No more Facebook for me!


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  1. Congratulations, Ben. I succumbed somewhat to the fb disorder for a few months, beginning with wanting to stay connected with a new friend met “in real time,” who is now a companion and trail mate. But now, after deleting all other posts, I’ve gone back to using fb for one purpose (with an occasional exception): a place to link my scant blog posts, for people who prefer following via fb instead of WP. Same with G+ and Twitter. Otherwise, fb is simply bad for my health, wholistically, systemically, even socially. So, I use so-called social media to publish, but not to socialize. I can’t take that many humans all at once, especially ones scrolling by in wildly frationalized swipes and swatches of fragmented, minimized, virtualized humanity, a meat market of partial selves shaped to Clicky-Share, Likey-Like and tap and swipe. Discussion? On fb? You tried that, too? Bwahaha! Like having sex with a refrigerator, huh?

    New to your blog today. Enjoying it. Stay free.


    1. Lol it is! I’ve started using it only for publishing. I had to log back in to share some photos with a model. It’s great to hear back from a reader! Thank you!

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