The Fairies

You can walk into the woods alone and feel like you’re watched, you’re followed, you’re teased. You hear birds sing, eagles scream, branches squeak, and the winds whisper or howl. These are natural sounds and they feed your natural fears. You should take these haunting sounds in as the music of paradise. Throw away your feelings of fear and feel at home. Let the woods, the forests, the grasslands, the mountains, the swamps, and the deserts be your humble home. These places are full of spirituality and life and are our garden home. Mother nature gives us these places that have sustained humankind for 100,000 years. 2017-03-01_04-56-55

Sometimes though there are sounds that just aren’t quite right and feelings that should be a warning. Mother nature has guardians. People used to know this. It’s been forgotten in this industrialized revolution. We pollute and litter and trap and hunt and take down mountains and deforested the forest and drain the swamps and flood the deserts. We the people take too much and give nothing back but death and waste. We are ignoring the dangers and we are deaf to the warnings. We watch the droughts and dust storms and wildfires and diseases flood over great areas like a black cloud. We watch and turn away as if it’s  just a thing on the news or a political point of view. We forget the great plagues and famines that brought people to the new world for 500 years. We forget the smallpox  and the flu and the farming and fashions that swept the land from sea to sea. We’ve settled in and we warm ourselves with content and complacency to the destruction we wrought. We dig and dig and pump and pump the soul from the earth as we build walls and lock our doors and sanitize our hands and ignore the warnings of Mother Earth. How we act is a sickness. It’s a fever. It’s a mental illness. A deal with the devil. It’s taking the golden ticket while you get stabbed in the back.2017-03-01_02-41-19

People used to believe in the gods, or Pookas, or even Fairies. They believed in these things as beings that protected the world against greed and pride. People have forgotten and now they take too much. Too much for nothing but their wants and status. Remember when you get sick, or have bad luck, or lose something dear to you that there are forces that fight back for Mother Earth. Sometimes they’re making the clouds dark and the branches squeak when you’re feeling lost and a little afraid. Sometimes the trail will be led by fairies who knew what you did. Sometimes the gods will take back what you stole from their domain. This unique planet is our home and we have the power to take. We also share it with forces and life we can’t comprehend and things can be taken back. When you walk your trail beware the fairies. Be good to them and they’ll be good to you.2017-02-27_01-57-25



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