The Taboo Boob and its Lonely Journey

In a strange culture beset by violence and infatuations with god and drugs there was an outcast. This lonely outcast was hated and feared for it held great mysterious powers. Some said it gave life and was a beautiful thing but the angry old men in power said it was immoral and dangerous. The powers of morality said it must be covered with creative disgiuses and pixilated cirlces so that children and proper citizens may not be tempted to fornicated at the very site of it. So this outcast lived covered and shamed. It’s name wasn’t understood by it but it had one and it was refered to as girls at times as though it was part of a pair or maybe a group. It was a lonely journey for this “boob”. It went out often but as mentioned before it was always covered and pushed up and when it was finally allowed to breath it was in the dark or immersed in water.


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