Donald Trumps Khaki Clad Child Army

I didn’t watch or listen to Donald Trumps address to the Boy Scouts. I’ve heard his speeches enough to know that at this point he’s just on repeat pep rally mode. We’ve been hearing the same incoherent ramblings for nearly two years. The ramblings often reaffirm a culture war that has divided the country between progressive thinkers and fans of 1950’s television reruns. If you’re a boy scout chanting “USA USA”, you most likely have been listening to your segregationist grandpa in agreement over NASCAR and Natty Lite. That’s a grandpa culture that wants bathroom laws, thinks the “blacks” ruined pretty much everything, thinks the “gay agenda” could very possibly convince you to switch teams at some point, and that Obama wasn’t an American president but some African Muslim anti-Christ. This is the same culture that supported King George and manifest destiny and slavery and fought against unions with billy clubs. These backwards thinkers are a constant part of every society dating back to the creation of recorded history. They don’t represent the Boy Scouts, but they do see the Boy Scouts as an institution representing their America. Even the scouts are on board with social changes that promote equality and everyone belonging to one community as Americans. Of course there’s going to be the classic stereotype scout master of the 90’s that molest boys and wants prayer in school to promote their brand of Christian values. It might be the norm in the Boy Scouts to rally behind Trump or it might be regional as most politics and cultural boundaries are. It doesn’t really matter. That speech was directed at Trumps army of culture warriors that are his base and believe in the culture and the president more than America and democracy or civil rights. Progressives need to recognize that there is always that part of society that will see fascism or something like it attractive and supportive to their culture and beliefs. I just hope people continue to pay attention, don’t put themselves in a bubble, progress towards an acceptance of things grandpa says is an agenda, and vote. Trump and his goons clearly don’t understand how the constitution works. All we have to do to stave off any army of khaki-clad youths is let our voices be heard and vote. Plan ahead and research what it takes and vote. Don’t wait until October or November 2018. Don’t just post memes and comment on Facebook and then stay home when it matters. Be like the Boy Scouts and be prepared and do your duty to defend democracy from a culture that uses it to take it away from your culture.


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  1. Julianne Thompson says:

    Perfectly Said!

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