“Propaganda has absolutely nothing to do with truth.”

The Nazis are on the march. These marchers like the suffragette marchers, civil rights marchers, gay pride marchers, and Nazis of the past won’t be defeated by violence on the streets. America is in an ideological and cultural war, where the right side of history is slowly winning. The “left” as the white supremacists and their white house call them are the majority in America and the white supremacists are on the offensive after their November victory. Nazis have a way of provoking people to violence, having a history of committing genocide does that. America has lost a battle or two lately but its on the right path and winning. The majority in a Democracy doesn’t need to scream in anyone’s face or obstruct any marches by hate groups. Anyone opposing these fascists and racists and nationalists need to know that these people are feeding their beliefs on every hateful and violent act they can gain knowledge of.

Nazis feed their beliefs from a propaganda machine that gives them the pride they feel they lost as the victims of a conspiracy acted out by all those they see as outsiders. In the 1920’s young German men who had lost a war and their way of life were told that one race was responsible for that loss. Those feeling the hunger and poverty and loss of pride were told that it wasn’t their fault but a stab in the back by those rogue figures in power that weren’t German but members of a strange minority against their culture and national and racial identity. Life was horrible in 1920’s Germany after the economy collapsed. Germans were starving to death and they were a desperate people living under the shadow of a lost world war. Americas young men today don’t have the threat of starvation or a bleak future. Nazis today see things like Hindus running the local gas station or same-sex marriage or poor black kids with iPods as a reason to be angry. The Nazis of today look to our past when whites ruled over blacks picking cotton with pride. The Nazis of today see monuments of the Confederacy’s heroes as a symbol of the America they think they lost to a conspiracy against their heritage. When the people they call the “left” take away those symbols and things they value as their heritage and culture, its to them an act of war. So then they march.

Acting out in violence against these marches proves to them they’re right in their beliefs. It shows them that they do have a reason to stockpile weapons and that America needs to be taken back. like every act of violence in the past that they made against the march to progress, these acts of violence won’t work against these foolish people. This is an ideological and cultural war where the Nazis and others following their lead are clearly the minority in America. The people winning the war on civil rights didn’t win any battles with violence or hate. They won with education, legislation, economics, and peaceful protests. If you want to oppose these marchers, expose their identities, boycott their businesses, educate your kids, support minorities in your community, create and support legislation for civil rights, vote for politicians who support all Americans and not just a race or ethnicity, or religious group. When you hear or see these people acting out against others, say something or record it or report it. The last thing people should be doing is playing their game by their rules. They live by a very old propaganda machine that works only if you make the lies they’ve been fed a reality. Our Democracy is a strong one if we vote for people who support it and we pay attention to and act accordingly to any fascist threats. Let the Nazis express themselves as far as the laws let them and let their own voices be their ruin. Expose the people behind those voices and alienate them with social media. Let people know not to do business with them or serve them or befriend them. They are losing and they’re desperate. Its their choice now to join the right side of history or not. We don’t need to show up and scream and throw rocks. If a Nazi wants to scream at me, I’ll laugh and expose them for what they are. They’re just uneducated stubborn trash who keep losing and blaming. So just keep educating your kids and vote until one day these guys are just a thing of the past.


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  1. Fred-duh says:

    Well said!!

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